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    Southern Yellow Pine Plywood

    Rigid in structure and flexible in uses

    We offer a variety of grades and thicknesses of Southern Yellow Pine plywood panels to meet most budgets in virtually any application. At a lighter weight than comparable panels, Weyerhaeuser plywood delivers the goods by using moisture resistant glues that hold up to the elements.

    Mill Product Availability: Plywood Sales 855-721-5067


    Zwolle, LouisianaEmerson, Arkansas
    11/32 rated sheathing 19/32 rated sheathing
    19/32 CDX*
    19/32 CCX*
    15/32 4 ply rated sheathing
    15/32 4 ply CDX*
    15/32 4 ply CCX*?
    23/32 rated sheathing
    23/32 CDX*
    23/32 CCX*

    All panels are 4’x 8’.
    *Available in limited quantities and subject to availability.

    Third-party testing

    All products are TECO tested and marked with the TECO stamp to ensure quality and consistency. Visit TECO for more information.

    Product Literature

    • var-1008 - ICC-ES SAVE Report No. VAR-1008